*All reeds are disinfected prior to shipment

When will my order be shipped?

An order of 1-3 oboe reeds usually requires one week prior to shipment, and 4 or more oboe reeds require 1.5-2 weeks. English horn reeds require additional time. After your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email with the expected shipment date. Urgent reed requests are dealt with on an individual basis.

Reeds are made over the course of several days to ensure the best quality possible and to reduce your "break in" time.

How do I know what strength to order?

Level designations of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Student reeds are a guideline. Beginner reeds are ideal for a student who is truly new to the oboe. The response is very easy and is accommodating for the developing embouchure. Intermediate is recommended for students who have been playing for a few months to a year. Advanced reeds have a comfortable resistance for a well supported air-stream and developed embouchure muscles.

For the best result please me know how long you have been playing, the make/model of your oboe, and any preferences you might have such as more or less resistance.

Why order handmade reeds?

Quality reeds are an equally important investment as the instrument itself. Handmade reeds allow oboists to achieve excellent technique and musicality, whereas machine-made and synthetic fiber reeds lead to poor playing habits that inhibit improvement.

How long will the reed last?

If the reed is properly cared for it should last several weeks. I advise my students never to play on a reed longer than two weeks. Cane experiences constant pressure from playing that gradually decomposes over time. To have your reeds last as long as possible, I recommend rotating between 3-5 reeds. Always use a reliable reed case, take extra care of the tip of the reed, and always let the reed dry after playing.

Reed Problems?

My reed is too hard/too closed. Now what?

Reeds change due to many reasons, especially due to changes in temperature, humidity, altitude and frequency of use. This is one reason why so many people prefer NOT to make reeds.

Here are some tips: soak reed in water for 1-2 minutes. If the reed feels too open or hard, gently squeeze the tip closed. This will close down the reed. If the reed feels too small or soft, soak the reed for an additional minute gently squeeze the tip open. If this fails to fix the problem, please contact me within two days for a replacement.

The reed was damaged during shipment. What should I do?

In the unlikely event that a reed is damaged during shipment, please contact me within two days. You will be asked to return the damaged reed and a replacement reed will be mailed as soon as possible.